Hi, I'm Steph...

and I'm so glad you've joined me on The Upbeat Path!

I'm an American girl obsessed with seeing the world. Taking in the sights, absorbing as much as I can, and finding the time to try and share my experiences with all of you.

Like many others, after receiving my college degree I felt uninspired and unsure of what direction to take, which led me to some equally as uninspiring desk jobs. I always knew I wanted to see the world, but it felt so unattainable...

...Until 2015, when I took a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. 

From there, it was love.

Since then, I've been on countless buses, planes, cars, trains, and even helicopters all over the world.

In my eyes, the joy and mental presence that comes from experiencing a new corner of the world for the first time is 100% worth all the bumps in the road that come along with it. 

I'm not saying a nomadic, non-stop travel lifestyle is for everyone, or that it's always easy and glamorous like every other Instagrammer wants you to think. But I do hope that by sharing my adventures around the world, I am helping you become a bit more prepared for the next journey you take or more aware of the beautiful world in which we all inhabit together!

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