In search of the perfect coffee bean: Northern Colombia

Coffee: That's what lead us to Colombia in the first place.  If you know anything about me it's that I live, breath, and die by coffee every day. That was what put Colombia and Jamaica on the radar along with Ethiopia (which we've yet to see), however it really took us by surprise with the reality vs expectation of what we've seen in the news or read online.

Colombia is absolutely diverse and beautiful in ways you can only imagine.

The transportation was a world of its own however; we had to take a bus to a city where no one spoke English so it was often tough to ask for directions. Often we would be put on Jeep and driven 45 minutes up a mountain, just to get off and have to get on the back of two motorcycles, and THEN walk another mile alongside of a mountain! But as you can see, the reward was this natural beauty that you just can't replicate.