Checking the bucket list - Skydiving Vegas

What a rush! A Skydive Las Vegas Experience

Check out the video footage of our skydiving adventures! Edited by Jimmy and footage courtesy of


On May 2017 we decided to give skydiving a shot for the first time. Jimmy's birthday was May 6 and we were naturally in Las Vegas for his birthday, so I (Steph) booked a skydiving adventure for the two of us. 

It was a warm, clear morning when we set off to Boulder City, NV just outside of Las Vegas to jump out of an airplane. I was probably too tired to be nervous, until we arrived and filled out the waiver that basically signed all of our rights away should we be seriously injured or die. The company ensured we made no mistake in knowing that we were risking our lives in taking flight, but I guess that's half the fun, right? 

Meeting our Instructors

We were then introduced to our flight instructors/tandem buddies/potential accomplices in the fall to our bloody death. They instructed us to put on our ridiculous-looking flight jumpers (I swear they have us wear them so we can't take ourselves seriously) and watched as they packed our parachutes. The longer I sat there, the more nervous I got, but looking at Jimmy he seemed just fine. I say he was bluffing ;)

After what seemed like a lifetime went by, our tandem buddies announced that the plane was ready to take off. Jimmy and I hopped in with our instructors behind us, rolling the GoPro and asking us how we were feeling about jumping out of a plane. It was no sweat to them, seeing as they jump out of one 2-3 times per day.

What's Worse - The Jump, or That Plane?! 

Believe it or not, the scariest part was not the jump itself, but the jinky, sketchy little plane we flew in! I was sitting there with the door wide open feeling every tiny bump as we rose higher into the sky. I had never been in such a small plane, so that was an experience in and of itself that I was not mentally prepared for!

Time To Jump!

Once we reached about 12,000 ft, it was time to jump. Of course, I was the first to go. I was instructed to lean over the edge, and suddenly we were in free fall. Jimmy and his tandem instructor soon followed. As you could imagine, the free fall was an incredible rush, and was too exciting to be scary! It didn't last very long, and suddenly the instructor pulled the cord for the parachute. With my luck, of course the parachute strap whacked me right in the lip, so I spent the right of the flight licking my fat lip and being convinced it left quite a mark.

As you can see from the embarrassing video footage below, I was just fine. We made it to the ground safely we can now officially say we skydived!

The only question is, where should be skydive next?!