Places in Bushwick You Just Gotta Try


Jimmy and I met in Bushwick, Brooklyn over 2 years ago and it's where we've lived together ever since, so the 'Shwick, for all its trendy, up-and-coming and increasingly overpriced grittiness, has a special place in our hearts. And for that reason it's only fair we give you guys a solid list of places to head to the next time you're visiting the neighborhood (hopefully not for an "official Bushwick graffiti tour", please no. Cringe.). 

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Momo Sushi Shack

Photo Credit: Travel & Leisure

Photo Credit: Travel & Leisure

I've been so spoiled by having Momo Sushi Shack right off my L-train stop that no sushi has ever satisfied me the same since. Perfectly delectable little bites of raw fish or veggie goodness. It's on the pricey side, but trust me - if you're a sushi fanatic, you will surely not be disappointed. *PROTIP: Go for lunch to get more bang for your buck. The Party Bomb is, well, bomb, and Jimmy gets it every time. 

Union Pizza Works


Okay, we're probably a bit biased on this one since it was the setting of our first date ~how cute~ but before you decide to wait an hour-plus for famous (but yes, delicious) Roberta's, maybe give Union Pizza Works a try. It's just about as good and has its own unique industrial rustic charm. We recommend the mussels in marinara and the funghi pizza. *PROTIP: IT IS CASH ONLY, but they do have an ATM right outside the place.

House of Yes


Eclectic and unapologetically flamboyant nightlife? YAS PLZ, HOY! From playboy bunny bashes to late night discos, House of Yes has something for every late night weekend warrior, world class DJs and all. *PROTIP: For some Instagram-goodness, take a picture next to the disco ball hallway on your way to the bathroom! And give the brunch a try on the weekends.


Come for the authentic individual booths, stay for the ramen. Ichiran has gone viral since it opened for being the perfect spot for the antisocial - you sit in individual booths where you simply slip the server your order through an anonymous window and voila, delicious ramen awaits. Even cooler, imo, is the fact that the ramen is made in the attached ramen factory that existed there before the restaurant did. You'd be hard-pressed to find that elsewhere in the US, and go figure, it's right down the street from our apartment. *PROTIP: Ichiran is a no-tip establishment, so the prices are a bit higher than what you may be used to for ramen.


Looking for more pointers while you're in Bushwick - or any part of Brooklyn or NYC? Comment below and we'll be happy to help! Also, please let us know what you think of our suggestions. We'll be adding more soon.