5 unmissable experiences in South America

Guest Post

If you are planning a trip to South America, there are some key experiences you just can't afford to leave off your list. Let's take a look at five of the most unmissable!

1. Hiking in the wild

South America Hiking

South America houses deep jungles and vast untouched lands. From Colombia to Argentina, you will find plenty of places with great hiking trails. It’s worth it to get all those passport stamps since no path is similar to the next. If you’re an experienced hiker you should consider the challenging Lost City Trek in Colombia. This particular hike should take you five days and, in the process, you will experience the awe of going through an ancient city.

2. Camping in the deserts and by the tropical beaches

South America Camping

South America is all about enjoying the great outdoors. For your long hikes or tours, pack some supplies and a tent to camp by the beach or in the desert. The thrill of camping in the desert is that the skies are usually very clear and all stars can be seen late in the night. If you want to catch the best view of the total solar eclipse on July 2nd this year, you should consider camping at the Elqui Valley in Chile. Ecuador also has some great camping sites, and the decent road system in the country makes it more attractive to those who want to hire vehicles. 

3. Whale watching in the warm South American waters

Whale Watching South America

Many people go through life without ever seeing whales and their calves up close. This is because they are not found in many waters. In your adventures across South America, you will have the rare opportunity to watch the whales as they travel from the Antarctic Ocean. You should note that these mammals arrive seasonally. For example, in Brazil’s Santa Catarina they can be spotted between July and November every year.

4. Rock climbing in various towns in the subcontinent

Rock climbing south america

With the magnificent Andes mountain range running across the western length of South America, you shouldn't miss out on some of the great rock climbs you can tackle here - it is, after all, the longest continental mountain range in the world! When choosing a rock climbing location, you should consider how close the site is to towns or cities. If you don’t want to climb with hundreds of other people, you may have to opt for the less popular spots.

5. Sandboarding in the desert dunes

Sandboarding is quickly becoming the most popular activity in South America, recently gaining particular fame in Peru. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding, except for the fact that you will be gliding down dunes instead of snowy mountains. Higher dunes provide a more exhilarating experience and, for that reason, you should consider descending the impressive Cerro Blanco dune that rises to a height of 2000 metres. The advantage of sandboarding is that it can be done at any time of the year - the dunes don’t come seasonally.

Plan your visit today!

Everyone should visit South America at least once in their lifetime. The region provides excellent experiences - many of which you may not be able to enjoy anywhere else in the world. Some of these include camping in sandy deserts, hiking in the South American wilderness, rock climbing on the Andes mountain range, and sandboarding across the deserts and beaches.