I made a website for my business...now what?

Somewhere along the lines, you realized the importance of an online presence for your business.

You bought a domain name, found an easy website builder and added some details about your company.

So your work here is done, right? The customers are about to pouring in any second now…

…so you wait and…nothing.

What went wrong?

While having a website to represent your business is a vital step in creating more credibility for your company, it’s only one small step in building your business’s internet greatness and truly harnessing the power of the world wide web to sell for you.

“Alright, Steph,” you may be saying, “so what’s missing?”

Well, let me give you a hint…you’re looking at it right now!

Your business website needs a blog!

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

“A blog?” You say. “But I’m not trying to showcase my writing skills, I’m trying to run a business!”

Hear me out for a second.

Long, long gone are the days that blogs are just for teenagers to use as an online diary or cat lovers to share their love for felines.

Today, just about every successful business harnesses the power of blogging to significantly boost their online presence.

Blogging will establish your business as an authority to customers

By freely sharing useful and informative content related to your company’s market, you are helping to establish your brand as a trusted resource.

And guess what? People are far more likely to buy from you if they trust you. It’s just sales 411.

In marketing terms, this is called Content Marketing, and it’s an inbound marketing strategy, which has become the gold standard of marketing and sales in today’s hyper-digital information age.

The inbound methodology is essentially the idea of naturally drawing customers to you through intriguing and informative content and establishing yourself as an authority in the marketplace.

The opposite of inbound is outbound, which is the traditional method of selling; think cold calls, knocking on doors, putting leaflets on cars…

I’m not saying outbound strategy doesn’t have its time or place, but when done carefully and strategically by a professional, the inbound method will ultimately lead to more sales over time.

Blogging will help boost your business on Google search results

Google loves websites that update their content frequently.

So if you just set up a business website with, say, your address and company description and think your job there is done, well, it’s not going to land you on the top of Google very often.

…which means your business is unlikely to be discoverable by potential new customers.

By frequently creating new blog posts and useful, relevant content on your website, your business website will be showing up more often on Google search results and for various different search strings..

…instead of just showing up when someone types in “XYX BUSINESS WEBSITE,”

Ready to harness the power of blogging and Content Marketing for your business? Let The Upbeat Path help grow your business’s online reputation today!